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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Of course, the Russians are no slouches when it comes to girl-groups. One of the best is the adorable Fabrika who i posted about a while ago. They've been away for a surprisingly long time in the fast-moving world of post-Soviet pop but look likely to release a follow-up to the majestic Dyevushkie Fabrichnie this year. Their most recent single, Romantika, may have been the first time anyone has actually put the polka pre-set on a Casio keyboard to good use.

Fabrika - Romantika


  • At 3:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow ! love it !
    just saw them on outube singing romatika with boys from star academy ...i m happy for the rest of the week .ok til thursday .
    france la galeuse

  • At 7:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i discovered them in estonia this summer... they're adorable!! i'm searchin' for their site...
    michele (italy)


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