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Monday, February 20, 2006

With V.I.A Gra failing to recapture the old magic on their latest half-baked excuse for an album, the field is open for the mighty Fabrika to cement their position as Russia's favourite glossy girl-group. The new single, Ne Vinovataya Ya, sounds a bit like Glyukoza would if she wasn't always pretending to be a twelve-year-old cartoon superhero on a wonky fairground organ.

The group, named with a consummate sense of Russian glamour after the word for "factory" released an absolutely splendid debut album a few years ago called Devochki Fabrichniye that i haven't stopped listening to since. Although they're not quite as apocalyptically dark as some of my other Russian chart favourites, for bouncy, heartfelt pop they're a match for anyone.

First up, 5 Minut, one of the first songs i ever played as a DJ and a staple of my sets. This was the record that really won me over - seeing them perform it on Russian TV, all coquettish vocals and jerky robot dancing, was wonderful.

Fabrika - 5 Minut

More Zovyot (The Sea Is Calling) is, as you might expect, a much more summery song. I consider myself something of a connoisseur of terrible rapping in foreign pop records and, although the guy at the end of this one by no means sets a new benchmark, it is something of a favourite example - if only for the fact that it almost sounds like he's saying "crazy misogynist with Grupa Fabrika" and MC Crazy Misogynist would be the best name for a rapper ever.

Fabrika - More Zovyot

Both songs are from the debut album which you really should buy if you can.

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