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Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Christmas

Apologies for the lack of updates, i've been in Italy. There's absolutely nothing going on in the charts over there but i did pick up some lovely jumpers. The sands of 2007 have all but slipped through the hour-glass and it's time to cast a rheumy eye over the the cultural landscape of the year we are so close to leaving behind. Rather than repeating songs i've already posted for those who weren't paying attention, i thought i'd round up a few highlights that other blogs beat me to or i simply couldn't find the energy to put up. In a superb year for singles, there's no shortage of choice.

One of the most exciting new acts of the last twelve months has been "8-bit terror-pop" duo Crystal Castles. Drawing inspiration from lo-fi eighties computer games isn't particularly revolutionary, making it sound as exciting as finally completing Shinobi after an eight-hour, finger-bleeding, red-eyed marathon is.

I have a particular phobia of hand-related accidents after my mother caught one of hers in a blender when i was ten. I like to think that Jens Lekman's beautiful Your Arms Around Me has helped me through it, in some small way.

The award for 'remix of the year' must surely go to Boys Noize for their glorious take on the newly-huge Feist's My Moon, My Man although Bonde do Role's clever decision to remove all traces of Young Jeezy from Young Jeezy's Trapstar and just shout over the top in their inimitable style makes for a worthy runner-up.

Recent years have seen a number of amazing songs about robots, Janelle Monae's Outkast-inspired cartoon pop on Violet Stars Happy Hunting gets the credit for being the first that isn't a thinly-veiled tribute to sex toys.

2007 was the year that Nashville discovered the internet and the associated geek-mocking possibilities that come with it. Brad Paisley's Online is rather warm-hearted though - embracing technology's ability to help completely reinvent yourself.

More may follow before January.......


  • At 4:38 pm, Blogger mordi said…

    happy christmas to you too- thanks for so many ace tunes in 2007 - more in 2008 please!

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