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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mika! No, The Other One

Production continues apace in the Ukrainian music industry but relatively little seems to be reaching the shops at the moment. It might be because the likes of V.I.A Gra and Tina Karol are sitting on new records in anticipation of the Christmas rush or a reflection of the fact that physical releases are less of a priority in a pirate-heavy market than elsewhere but, although both have new videos in circulation, the CDs are lagging a little behind. Tragically, this means i won't be able to bring you the latest propaganda wheeze from foxy kleptocrat Yulya Timoshenko in anything other than a Youtubular format as yet.

Ballads seem to be the order of the day for the nation's pop titans and few come more epic than the adorable Mika Newton's Teplaya Reka. Karol's Nochen'ka is much more low-key but incredibly pretty as well.

Mika Newton - Teplaya Reka

Tina Karol - Nochen'ka


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