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Monday, June 04, 2007

Krylya Sovetov

Aleksei Balabanov's Brat and Brat 2 are probably the definitive Russian gangster films of the post-Communist era and, given how many gangsters and films about them Russia can boast, that's quite an impressive achievement. Part of the films' success can be attributed to the terrific performances of Sergei Bodrov Jr, sadly killed in an avalanche a few years ago, part again to the astutely selected soundtracks. One of the most prominent uses of music sees Bodrov's Danila wander through a film shoot in an attempt to find out which song's playing in the background. Later, in a police station where he has been taken after breaking the arm of the guard trying to eject him, he finds out it's Krylya by Nautilus Pompilius, who make an appearance themselves at key points in the film. Even a brief romance with real-life (and admirably game) pop star Irina Saltykova in Brat 2 can't shake Danila's conviction that his nation's chart music is rather horrific.

I have to confess, despite my love of Kino and others, a lot of traditional Russian rock doesn't particularly excite me. Nautilus had, until that point, been associated with an ex-girlfriend's attempts to convert me to what i saw at the time as being a rather grim, hoary musical beast. In the unlikely event that you're reading this, Sasha Ivanova, i owe you an apology. If i remember correctly however, you owe me a new saucepan so we'll call it even. They're one of the most revered Soviet-era groups and, in retrospect, i can see why. Krylya itself is undeniably beautiful.

Nautilus Pompilius - Krylya

Thanks to Alyosha from Acton's finest, The Picture Show, for the MP3.

One of the first Russian rock acts that struck a chord with me, many years ago, was Chicherina - poppier, female fronted and much more fun. They feature on the soundtrack to Brat 2.

Chicherina - Ty La-La

Chicherina - Zhara


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