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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eurovision is a cruel mistress. For the second year in a row, i committed the cardinal sin of betting before hearing the acts sing live. Russia may have had the best song but a slightly out-of-tune performance meant they lived up to their promise to blow my money, money. The contest was ultimately won by Marija Serifovic for Serbia whose Molvita was probably the most impressive vocal work-out of the night and can't be begrudged victory. It's proof that you can still capture the heart of Europe with a decent tune and powerful lungs despite looking like a chubby Chinese boy. The best discovery of the contest was probably Georgia's wonderful Sopho Khalvashi. Although excitement at having unearthed another Bjork should be tempered somewhat by the fact that most of her other songs sound like she grew up in Batumi with only the Loveboat soundtrack for company, she displays a huge amount of potential. On Adjarian Motives is one of her more interesting efforts.

Sopho Khalvashi - Visionary Dream

Sopho Khalvashi - On Adjarian Motives


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