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Sunday, February 04, 2007

I was in the Wood Green branch of TK Maxx yesterday morning buying a pair of mauve velvet trousers that had been reduced from £175 to £6, presumably on account of them being mauve and velvet, when i heard Big Day by Tahiti 80 being played over the public address system. Although there's only a limited amount of sympathy you can have for a band that calls its album Fosbury and then goes on to see it flop, their brand of radio-friendly pop would seem to have been perfect for the UK market. When meagre talents like The Feeling are being hailed as the greatest thing in the history of ever, it's a crime that a group doing AOR with a touch of Gainsbourg's gallic flair thrown in couldn't have made more of an impact here.

Tahiti 80 - Big Day


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