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Saturday, September 02, 2006

I've detailed the turbulent history of Ukraine's finest pop group, V.I.A Gra, in the past. Unsurprisingly, since i last mentioned them they've got through another two singers. Their last original member, Nadya (the one who looked like she could snap a man's neck with her thighs) has finally moved on, replaced first with a girl called Christina who lasted all of one single and then by the fabulous-looking, raven-haired Olha.

Naturally a certain amount of shamelessness is expected from anyone who names their band V.I.A Gra but their tyrannical overlord Konstantin (brother of Valerii) Meladze took the biscuit with the recent record Brillianti - a "new album" containing a grand total of two new songs, neither of which were much good. They're back in terrific fashion with the storming L.M.L though. Blonde Vera seems to have taken more vocal responsibility and, although none of the remaining singers have a top-notch voice to match the dearly departed Anna Sedakova, they've managed to achieve a nice balance, augmented here by a children's choir.

V.I.A Gra - L.M.L


  • At 4:18 pm, Blogger Robbing The Dead said…

    I just found out that Ani Lorak used to be in VIA Gra! I never knew that.

    I often avoid calling VIA Gra a "Ukrainian" group. Only Vera and Ol'ga are from Ukraine, Al'bina is from Russia. Konstantin Meladze is a Russian by birth, Georgrian by ethnicity. Ol'ga has a Russian surname. They never sing in Ukrainian. It's like a Russian pop machine fuelled by sexy Ukrainian women.

  • At 1:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Via Gra had two members originally, Nadya and Alyona Vinitska, both UKRAINIAN. They sing in Russian because there is a wider audience for that language just like many foreign groups sing in English. I have met them and they are very nice, down-to-earth ladies.

  • At 1:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    may someone please tell me the groups current locatin if someone knows then please send an email wıth the information too thank you if you have sent the information


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