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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Although i haven't ordered anything from them yet, i love the website of for its absolutely charming English-language descriptions of the records it sells. For example:

Molodizhnyj raj. (Youth Heavens.)

"This is really an up-to-date collection – twenty freshest Ukrainian hits. So fresh that the majority of them can now be heard only on the radio, as they have not yet been included into new albums by the performers represented here. And, judging by these "first robins", we should look forward for really beautiful, qualitative albums. Let's wait, but while – let's listen to the collection. Songs on this disc are, certainly, varied – from hot, dance ones to those lyrical, really deep. Actually, for me it is another occasion to specify – Ukrainian pop culture is confidently developing, advancing. Even now it already has bright, remarkable features, and if it continues so, the future seems, to tell you the truth, quite nice. As now in our variety art one can hear virtually all styles that are actual in the world – and their quality is growing on. And a few years ago, if anyone remembers, we could only dream about this kind of variety. So, let's listen to the Ukrainian – eventually, you do have something to listen to. "

To be honest, the compilation isn't all that hot but does include a few great songs, Lama's Self Control influenced Moe Sertse being the best.

Lama - Moe Sertse


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