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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Someone get Girls Aloud on the phone!

There's an obscure Eurovision song just crying out to be covered. Boom Boom Boomerang, by Schmetterlinge, was Austria's Eurovision entry in 1977. It came, er, second last. But it is brilliant.

10 Reasons Girls Aloud should cover Boom Boom Boomerang:
  • It would be the crowning glory on their soon-to-be-finished-if-we-believe-the-rumours career.
  • It has a staccato mixmash-up structure, much like their song Biology.
  • It has a choir-like opening, much like their song Wild Horses.
  • It references Big Brother, much like their song Big Brother.
  • Inter-pop-textuality is always a good idea.
  • The choir-like opening queries pop existentialism: love or money? This would keep schmindie critics happy.
  • The lines "Boom Boom Boomerang, Snadderydang, Kangaroo, Boogaloo, Didgeridoo" are just ace.
  • Shouty bits
  • They can do comedy-run-around dance routines during the jaunty chase music sections.
  • The fade out says "who" with emphasis on the "ooh". As we know, Cheryl Cole is a mistress of "ooh".

Failing Girls Aloud, who has Pay TV's number?

Download: Schmetterlinge - Boom Boom Boomerang


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