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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poor Ukraine. To lose 4-0 on your World Cup debut is bad enough, to lose 4-0 to Spain, a country which is notoriously terrible at major competitions (perhaps because half their players could rather be appearing for the Basque Country) is shocking. Still it's not all bad news (and how often do you get to say that about Ukraine?) , one of their greatest pop stars is back. Anna Sedokova, leading light in V.I.A Gra, has returned under the name Annabell. In truth, the single Moe Serdtse is little more than pleasant but the relatively expensive-looking video suggests that she has proper record-label backing so we should be able to expect an album fairly soon. A wonderful vocalist with charisma to spare, she's capable of outshining almost anyone in the world if she has a couple of decent writers to work with. It's probably too much to hope that one of them will be Konstantin Meladze who allegedly kicked her out of the mighty V.I.A Gra when she married Dinamo Kiev captain Valentin Belkevich (who may be thankful he's Belarussian today). Meladze's brother Valerii is a ridiculously over-the-top singer who lends an almost cartoonish air to everything he takes part in. Balance him out with Sedokova and a choir and the results can be terrific though.

V.I.A Gra ft Valerii Meladze - Okean I Tri Reki

The video's rather cute too:

You can see the video for Moe Serdtse on Sedokova's website too if you feel like it.

Anna Sedokova Official Site


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