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Friday, June 09, 2006

Klose To Perfection

Well, that was exciting wasn't it? A great opening match with Germany running out 4-2 winners. Before Poland vs Ecuador, a few more songs.

Rather sweetly, when you put the CD of Ragazzi's Friday in your computer, the track names are replaced with helpful living suggestions like "eat more vegetables" and "rediscuss Communism". They're an electro-pop group from Berlin with a sense of humour and an enormous amount of charm. Sex & Money is about waking up on the floor of a kebab shop with chips stuck to your back.

Ragazzi - Sex & Money

Make no mistake, Louie Austen is a creepy old man. A Viennese bar singer in the mould of a cut-price Frank Sinatra, he was unleashed on a new generation by Kitty Yo Records and Patrick "I'm A Disco Dancer" Pulsinger to make the sort of lewd advances that would normally find a gentleman of his age placed on some kind of government register. On the subtly-titled Grab My Shaft, he meets his match in Peaches.

Louie Austen - Grab My Shaft (ft. Peaches)


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