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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Elena Paparizou, Hellas' favourite daughter, will be familiar to millions from her Eurovision win of 2005 and string of rather decent solo singles, culminating with the superb Mambo last year. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, she made her debut at the tender age of seventeen as lead singer of the enormously underrated Scandi-Greek pop duo Antique. Although the lyrics did switch between English and Greek, their exuberant pop owed much more to the land of her birth than that of her parents. Paparizou herself has even suggested that she was never all that fond of traditional Greek music growing up, regarding it as a bit anachronistic. My fellow superstar DJ at Contact, Adrian, recently introduced me to the Bouzouki-tastic M'aggaliazi To Skotadi from her Protereotita solo album which indicates that she had a change of heart to go along with her change of nationality though. Anyone in the British capital inspired to seek out more old-fashioned Hellenic pop might like to give London Greek Radio (103.3) a try. I stumbled onto it by accident last week while trying to avoid Chris Moyles and thought it was quite good fun.

Antique - Time To Say Goodbye

Elena Paparizou - M'aggaliazi To Skotadi


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