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The new MP3 blog from London's club Contact. The idea is to allow people to hear new music they wouldn't have otherwise found but, if anyone has any copyright issues with a particular song, i'll take the link down. Songs are only available for a limited amount of time.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Czech Republic take on Ghana later this afternoon. Despite not having existed for a good thirteen years, you can bet there'll be a couple of references in the commentary and analysis to "Czechoslovakia". Although legend has it that the EU only admitted Slovakia to the club because of the prohibitive cost of building a giant wall around it instead, and despite the fact it seems to be populated entirely by nasty old ladies, the less fashionable half of the partnership is quite a nice place. Bratislava may not be able to boast the architecture or culture of Prague but it does have one excellent pop star - Misha. The bouncy Náladu Mi Dvíhaš was one of the highlights of her debut album Colors In My Life.

Misha - Náladu Mi Dvíhaš


  • At 1:17 pm, Blogger E said…

    Your taste in music is so international! DontStopthePop had a Ghana actg a few months ago. Her name was Ruby Amanfu. You might have heard of her hit Sugah.

    Btw, whenever Club Contact starts please bring over Malou from Denmark. They are sublime! Check out the two tracks Naked & Wordplay DontStopthePop if you've never heard them before. They are like Goldfrapp with an edge of soul, warmth and fun.


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