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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Carnival Is Over

I'm sad to say that Contact's run at Juno has come to an end. Apparently Hackney Council had been getting complaints about the noise and the venue agreed to shelve the DJ nights. I'd like to pretend that we were enormously successful but, unfortunately, our audiences tended to consist of six people who had wandered in by accident and a handful of tipsy Polish girls. On the plus side, the few people we made happy, we made very happy indeed.

I'd like to thank all the DJs who participated over the months - Enrique Ponce, Joe Brett, Adrian Murphy, Sagar Shah, Renfro, Alex Goforth and France La Gale. It was fun while it lasted and i'm not too disappointed it's winding down now - the idea that somebody would just let us play anything we liked - from Lena Ph. to Diskoteka Avariya to Bounty Killer was always a little surreal to fully take on board. Thanks too to Piotr the bar manager and all those drunk Polkas who made it all the more enjoyable. We may return at a different venue some time in the future and i've no doubt that the various members of the team will be DJing one-off events from time to time. I'll keep you posted.

Naturally, i'll be keeping the blog updated. With an extra evening every week, i may even post more. Or i might just watch House, we'll see.


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