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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Brazil's performance in their first match of the 2006 World Cup promised much but largely failed to take off. Much the same could be said, especially if you were really desperate for a link, of Baile Funk (or Carioca if you prefer). Like Reggaeton, Carioca, a blend of funk, samba, hip-hop and Miami booty bass, was hailed as the next big thing last summer but ultimately petered out. Whether it was the foreign lyrics or the fact that most of the songs sounded almost exactly the same, we'll never know. It was, of course, an absolutely enormous influence on M.I.A's awesome Arular though.

Bonde do Tigrão's O Baile Todo may have been mistaken by a friend of mine for a Portuguese cover of Who Let The Dogs Out? but it's a terrific example of the genre.

Bonde do Tigrão - O Baile Todo

Here are a few more:

MC Pe de Pano e o Bonde do Bogdov - Retorno de Jedi

Deise - Sadomasoquista


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