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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Anna Vissi-on

Anna Vissi is a Greek superstar. She represented Greece in this year's Eurovision but has a career spanning over 20 years behind her. Her Eurovision performance was wonderfully over-the-top with hair flying everywhere and a wind machine set to tempest.

I saw her play London's Royal Albert Hall a week later and she was magnificent. She joked along with the crowd (who were mostly Greek or Cypriot). Anna had them in the palm of her hand, and even went out among the audience to sing what sounded very much like a traditional Greek song.

The two songs for download are A Beautiful Night and Call Me. A Beautiful Night is an unsuccessful song from this year's Greek Eurovision selection (and the song I am going to play whenever Contact returns to a glamorous London venue). If you have eagle-ears you may recognise Call Me from the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics two years ago at which Anna performed.

A Beautiful Night

Call Me


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