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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Although i tend to stick up for all the countries i've had girlfriends from (which makes the Olympics quite tiring), Poland has always been particularly special. Most of my work involves Polish schools and universities and i try to visit on holiday at least once a year. It was sad to see them totally outclassed and out-thought by a team who pick up the vast majority of their good results because the opposition can't breathe properly at 9300ft above sea level. Still, that's what you get for playing with only one striker. It was quite amusing to see the Polish manager say, "unfortunately, the first goal destroyed our tactical considerations right from the start". Evidently, the possibility of the other team scoring isn't something that can be predicted in advance.

I'm a sucker for girls with guitars, i've even got a mild and infrequently-admitted affection for Avril Lavigne. None of the angsty teens crowding the market in recent years can possibly compare to the magnificent Kaja Paschalska though. I suppose you could make a deeply unflattering comparison in style with Amy Studt but Kaja's slightly darker and vastly superior. Her brilliant second album, the unimaginatively-titled Kaja 2, didn't fare well in the charts and can now be bought from for about £1.30. Nie Ma Miłości is probably the finest song on the record. Incidentally, she has just returned after three years away as a guest star on rapper Funky Filon's single Mała Chinka - the picture on the left is what she looked like when she made Kaja 2, the picture below is apparently what she looks like now. Ah, they grow up so fast.....

Kaja Paschalska - Nie Ma Miłości

The transformation of Monika Brodka from giggling schoolgirl winner of Poland's Pop Idol to slick, ultra-professional superstar is remarkable for both its speed and the fact that her charm remains completely undiminished. It's obvious that she was simply born to be a pop star - she has the kind of charisma and talent that can't be learned or manufactured. I posted Ten a few months ago and suggested that her debut album might have been slightly disappointing. In retrospect, i think this was unfair. She owns the numerous cover songs in a way that few, if any, TV Idols can. The new songs, in Polish, are excellent too. Dziewczyna Mojego Chłopaka never failed to get the Polish girls at Contact singing along.

Brodka - Dziewczyna Mojego Chłopaka

As great as Monika Brodka and Kaja Paschalska are, my favourite Polish pop star remains the elusive Kasia Stankiewicz. It took a while for me to fully appreciate her album, Extrapop, but i now regard it as one of the best records released in the last ten years. Rarely has the mixture of rock, pop and electro been done to such spellbinding effect. She seems to have disappeared off the map since 2003, i believe she recently had a second child, but internet rumours suggest that she's planning to return in 2007. Francuzeczka was one of the first songs i ever posted, i hope you'll forgive me doing it again for the benefit of those who missed it the first time. It's one of the best singles i've ever heard. When i DJ, i find myself playing Pani Muzyka even more though.

Kasia Stankiewicz - Francuzeczka

Kasia Stankiewicz - Pani Muzyka

Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm off to find Ecuador! by Sash.....