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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sticking with the theme of French rock from the eighties, Manu Chao will be a name familiar to anyone with a passing interest in world music. His Clandestino album has a status similar to that of the Buena Vista Social Club's with the kind of people who pick up most of their music reviews from The Sunday Times. Although these days his CDs can probably be found in most supermarket record departments, he's still revered by anti-capitalists and anarcho-socialists across the world both for his time as the leader of multi-cultural punk legends Mano Negra. An immeasurable influence on everyone from Asian Dub Foundation to Gogol Bordello, their politically-charged blend of rock, salsa, reggae and anything else they could think has been embraced as a form of globalisation you can listen to while throwing bricks at the G8 riot police.

Mano Negra - Mala Vida

BONUS: Gogol Bordello - Mala Vida


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