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Saturday, May 13, 2006

One of the finest albums of 2005 was Camille's Le Fil. Anyone looking for something else along the same lines should head straight for Vegetal by Emilie Simon. Rather bizarrely, her biggest claim to fame so far has been her role as the composer for the soundtrack to the highest-grossing nature documentary in film history, La Marche de l'Empereur. Vegetal is another in a long line of excellent records influenced by electro, jazz and classic sixties Gallic pop that France has been turning out, seemingly at will, over the last few years. If there's anywhere in the world that's making better "alternative" music, i' don't know about it and if there's been a better song than Fleur de Saison released this year, i haven't heard it.

Emilie Simon - Fleur de Saison


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