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Monday, May 01, 2006

Having already posted songs by Mylene Farmer and Etienne Daho, it was inevitable that i'd get around to putting up something by Indochine, another key act in French '80s pop. Formed twenty-five years ago, they enjoyed a decade of enormous success before falling out of favour with critics and fans in the early 1990s. A triumphant comeback with the 2002 album Paradize reinstated them at the top of the charts though. Quite excitingly, there's speculation that lead singer Nicola Sirkis may be taking over from Mylene as Alizee's guardian angel when she returns later this year. The magnificent Le 3eme Sexe is probably their finest moment -a guaranteed transatlantic no.1 had it been recorded by someone like Echo & The Bunnymen or The Cure.

Indochine - Le 3eme Sexe

BONUS: Miss Kittin - Le 3eme Sexe


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