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Friday, May 26, 2006

Disco. Polo! Disco. Polo! Disco. Polo!

It's likely that any visitor to one of the great cities of Poland will have noticed just how sophisticated the country's music seems. The radio and TV are filled with glacial women and debonair men singing cool electro and jazz influenced pop. Just as a visit to Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk or Lublin won't give you a full picture of Polish life, too much attention to the mainstream media will leave you with an incomplete image of the music. Shunned by Western-leaning urbanites who tend to deride it as only fit for provincial hicks, Disco-Polo, a blend of Italo-Disco and pop-folk, remains a staple of rural and small-town nightclubs. It's the kind of stuff they sell from carts outside Rzeszow railway station and Polish to the core.

Sadly, i don't have an MP3 available but the video of Co Mi Dasz? by Mig is half the joy. Parts of it look, quite literally, like they've just got a few guys off the street, paid them 100zl and told them they're in a boyband for the day and to try not to look too awkward. It's absolutely charming.


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