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Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's hard to believe i haven't posted anything by the outrageously brilliant Halcali on this page before. There aren't many bands that could inspire me, at twenty-five years of age, to try to learn their dance routines. Halca and Yucali were chosen at fourteen and fifteen by members of the J-Hop group Rip Slyme who had been holding auditions in their home town for new stars to work with - proof that rappers trawling for schoolgirls doesn't always end in tears. Popular in Japan, they've developed the kind of cult following in Europe and the USA that hasn't really been seen since the heyday of the mighty Puffy.

Giri Giri Surfrider is probably the best-known of their songs, the video is absolutely fantastic too - with two rival all-girl biker gangs engaged in a Beat It-style dance off.

Giri Giri video (Youtube)

Halcali - Giri Giri Surfrider

Maachingu Maachi from their second album, Ongaku no Susume, is equally good. Listen carefully and you can hear how the Japanese pronounce Azerbaijan.

Halcali - Maachingu Maachi


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