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Saturday, March 25, 2006

There are three things i know about the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia:

1. It was the birthplace of Alexander The Great.
2. It's called the "Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia" because Greece threatened to try to block their membership of the United Nations, and their formal recognition on the world stage, if they just called themselves "Macedonia", a name they lay claim to. Even now, they refuse to sit anywhere near them in the General Assembly building.
3. If they win the Eurovision Song Contest, i win £640.

Elena Risteska's Ninanaja is an absolute stormer - a fantastic combination of a loping reggaeton bassline, Ruslana-style ethno-pop and Shakira-influenced vocals. It's far and away the best song in this year's competition and a 33-1 outsider with the bookmakers. I've already picked out the Belstaff jacket i intend to buy with my winnings. Please Europe, don't give me yet another reason to hate Kate Ryan.

Elena Risteska - Ninanaja


  • At 1:58 pm, Blogger Goggle said…

    The chorus keeps getting stuck in my head. That must be a good sign :-)

    Have you heard the new English version?

  • At 4:10 pm, Blogger ShariVari said…

    Oh no! I haven't heard it yet. Please tell me it's good. I imagine it'll be the one she uses on the night.

  • At 4:12 pm, Blogger Adrian said…

    You hate Kate Ryan?


  • At 8:48 pm, Blogger ShariVari said…

    Well, "hate" is a bit strong. I actually bought one of her albums for a pound and quite enjoyed Mon Coeur Resiste Encore in a hands-in-the-air Ian Van Dahl way. I haven't forgiven her for the mauling of Libertine and Desenchantee though and i don't think much of the Belgian song. She's also the single most boring pop star i've ever seen interviewed.

  • At 11:37 am, Blogger Adrian said…

    I think I prefer her Libertine to Mylene's. *ducks and hides*

  • At 3:22 pm, Blogger meeckaroski said…

    Hey, the winner will be MACEDONIA, thats for sure!!!
    I am betting also. Mine award is 580$ :)

  • At 10:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree completely with your post even posted with a link on
    I had a sneak peak on ERT news report from yesterday's final rehearsal. Beside the politically motivated intention of ERT completely to ignore Macedonian entry, the report was scheduled to cover only the Cypriot (Greek) entry, but unfortunately :-) it was prolonged... reporters fault and Elena started her dress rehearsal... she had that superb appearance... voice, looks (back vocals were looking great too)... in every sense better than I have expected. I am really inpatient for tonight's show.

    Elena is a virus from out of space - Virtual Macedonia.

  • At 12:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Elena Was great in Athens!!!
    More about her at -

  • At 1:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    elle est trop belle

  • At 1:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sie ist super

  • At 6:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.


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