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Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's not the most flattering photo of Russian pop superstar Natali, (note the two girls laughing at her hair in the background), but it was the best i could find. Her stylists seem to be intent on making her look like a complete beast in her promo shots. She's one of a number of hardy women of indeterminate age in the Russian pop industry (see also: Valeriya, Katya Lel', Tatiana Bulanova, etc) who seem to have been around forever without ever really changing, physically or musically. She's ace though, her Vce, Chto Mne Nado album is wonderful - the indecently catchy lead single Vot Kak, especially.

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Natali - Vot Kak

As the CD's in front of me, here's Katya Lel's Moi Marmiladnii (Ya Ne Prava)as a bonus.

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Katya Lel' - Moi Marmiladnii (Ya Ne Prava)


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