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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Far East is famously forgiving to the West's failed pop stars. Everyone from Girl Thing! to Holly Valance can claim to be "big in Japan". It's not a new phenomenon though, as far back as the late 1960s, fading pop and rock groups found a new lease of life playing to audiences in Tokyo and Yokohama. One of them was the Human Beingz, whose career didn't exactly get off to the best start when their label misspelled their name as the "Human Beinz" and they found the new title impossible to subsequently shift. Their one real moment of glory came with a Number 8 position in the US charts for their stunning version of the Isley Brothers' Nobody But Me. Bits of it almost sound like Krautrock - with its droning synths and intense drumming. The group got a second boost recently when the single was chosen to soundtrack the most memorable scene in Kill Bill Vol.1. Oddly, it doesn't appear on the official CD release though.

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Human Beingz - Nobody But Me


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