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The new MP3 blog from London's club Contact. The idea is to allow people to hear new music they wouldn't have otherwise found but, if anyone has any copyright issues with a particular song, i'll take the link down. Songs are only available for a limited amount of time.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Arctic Monkeys' unfathomable rise to the top of the singles chart has cast light on the ability of groups to spread their songs via the medium of the MySpace website. It's being talked of, somewhat hyperbolically, as a way for new bands to achive stardom by bypassing the traditional radio / press system and going directly to fans. Indeed, something similar propelled Russian trance outfit PPK to No.3 a few years ago.

Anyway, if you turn your head slightly to the right you will see that Contact has a MySpace page too. One of our "friends" is the group Electrocute. They're a Berlin-based duo with impeccable connections (pals of Peaches, given their first break by Stereo Total's Françoise Cactus, etc) and a nice line in dirty Le Tigre-meets-sixties-girl-group pop. I've been listening to their Troublesome Bubblegum album all weekend.

Buy Troublesome Bubblgeum

Electrocute - Tales Of Ordinary Sadness


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