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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sammi Cheng (Cheng Sau Man) is regarded as both the most bankable female star in the Hong Kong movie industry and the only long-standing challenger to the almighty Faye Wong for the position of Asia's favourite Chinese-language singer. Despite admiring her performances in films like Infernal Affairs, i've always found her rather over-rated as a pop diva. Almost all of the best songs on her recent Mi Century hits album are inferior versions of tracks by my beloved Lee Jung Hyun. I say "almost" as there's one stand-out single that the Korean whirlwind wasn't responsible for, although i have a feeling it might have originally been a hit for one of her compatriots. 808 is a charming, woozy effort, half laid-back Puffy, half classic Shanghainese torch singer.

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Sammi Cheng - 808


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