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Saturday, December 17, 2005

A few years ago, Propaganda were a fairly grim post-Tatu trio singing unexceptional low-key electro-pop ballads. Lead singer Vika appears to have taken creative control since then and they’ve returned buffer and much more entertaining. Even if all their new songs do sound the same, i much prefer the retro-disco of Super Detka and Yai-Ya to the frankly dreary stuff they were putting out before. Although they will never win any prizes for being classy, they are great fun.

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Propaganda - Super Detka

Propaganda's MYZ.TV behind-the-scenes special was largely notable for two things, the group's casual approach to on-screen nudity and their live cover of Arabesque's Midnight Dancer, a disco classic as cheap, garish, tacky and ridiculous as the dresses the original singers were famous for. Arabesque remain hugely popular in Russia but are remembered more in the rest of Europe for introducing Sandra Ann Lauer, one of Germany's biggest stars of the 1980s and the voice behind monk-bothering New Agers Enigma. The lyrics are delightful, especially the audacious attempt to rhyme "Venezuela" with "Tequila".

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Arabesque - Midnight Dancer


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