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Friday, December 23, 2005

Contrary to widespread belief, there's more than one pop group in Russia. Diskoteka Avariya are probably the only band who can challenge Tatu in terms of domestic popularity - on several occasions (including the at MTV Europe Awards) they’ve walked off with prizes Yulia and Lena were expected to claim. It’s initially difficult to know how they’ve managed it - they are, to put it mildly, not the youngest or most attractive bunch of men in Russian pop but their formula of X.X.X.U.P.H.P (hip hop, house and rock ‘n’ roll), in combination with silly costumes and a sense of humour has left almost everyone else trailing in their wake. They haven't released a proper album for three or four years now but have returned infrequently for a wonderful string of singles. With impressive cheek, their 2005 effort, Nu I Ladno, clocks in at just over two minutes and they're away again.

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Diskoteka Avariya - Nu I Ladno


  • At 12:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    SO good, more-more-more russian hip hop


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