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Friday, December 02, 2005

As a life-long francophile, i have to admire Californian Elinore Blake's reinvention as Parisian electro-ye-ye queen April March. Blake's fascination with the country started at school but lay largely dormant while she worked as an animator (for PeeWee Herman and Madonna) and made herself a staple of the US garage music scene in bands like The Pussywillows.

The catalyst for a transformation so complete that she now appears on the promo CDs sent out by the French Export Ministry was her meeting with Bertrand Burgalat - the driving force behind the new wave of classical French pop and owner of the Tricatel record label. Accompanied by Burgalat, as a producer and co-writer, and his excellent house-band A.S Dragon, she has released two superb Sixties-flavoured solo albums. The lovely Coral Bracelet is from the second, Triggers.

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April March - Coral Bracelet


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