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Friday, November 25, 2005

Over the last two years, Lady Sovereign has joined the NHS, the Human Rights Act and the collected works of JG Ballard on our list of Things That Make Us Less Ashamed To Be British. The minature cockney rapper has broken free of the grime underground to win a spectacular amount of acclaim in the US press and plaudits from everyone from Jay-Z to Missy Elliot, both rumoured to be working on her long-awaited album. It hasn't translated into record sales here yet but hopefully the combination of Basement Jaxx production and publicity from her campaign to save the demonised hoodie will propel the one-woman Fierce Girl into upper reaches of the charts this week. The ridiculously bouncy 9 To 5 was released a few months ago and should feature on the album.

ps. Last night Enrique Ponce, having noticed that Joe and I both played Sov tunes, restored the karmic balance in the universe with two songs by Jentina in his set. That's the kind of attention to detail you wouldn't get anywhere else.

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